We promote smart and connected solutions to meet the challenges of urban growth in Madagascar.


We bring together smart city contributors and create opportunities between/with potential partners and citizens.


We help transform innovative ideas into viable businesses with growth and expansion opportunities.

Smart cities for sustainable developmentA shared vision. Joint actions.

Building skills

The implementation of intelligent cities calling on new skills and implementing new challenges, we ensure a technological watch and marketing of our members through training seminars / reinforcement of thematic capacities, as well as the setting up of workshops and think-tanks which will identify solutions adapted to the Malagasy context. 


Discovering talent

Madagascar has a pool of skills that can be exploited to explore sustainable solutions to the problems of urban growth.

To discover these talents, we use:

  • Calls for projects
  • Business plan competitions
  • Hackathons
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A technological showcase and a vision for the future

In a noxious socio-economic and political context, we want to instill a vision of the future in order to educate the Malagasy people to progressively consider new growth prospects and prepare for the digital transition.

In this sense, under the aegis of SmartCity Alliance Madagascar, the Smart City Expo will be held every year, which, in addition to being a technological showcase, will also make it possible to take stock of the situation and monitor the Smart City implementation policy in Madagascar, in accordance with the Alliance’s objectives.

La premiThe first edition of Smart City Expo will be held from 15 to 18 March 2018.


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We put at your disposal a platform of exchanges and collaboration, as well as documentary resources to help you understand the stakes and build smart cities in Madagascar.
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Together, they are building the city of tomorrow...Companies, Associations, Institutions, NGOs, etc.

Our partners & founding members

Soumission de projets

Vous avez un projet qui apporte une solution aux problèmes de croissance urbaine à Madagascar? Vous avez une idée qui répond à l’un ou l’autres des critères définissant la ville intelligente? 

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If like us, you think that good ideas, well shaken up and mixed with a great dose of entrepreneurial intelligence are a good recipe to gradually transform the lives of millions of Malagasy people, join us, together we will build the future of Madagascar!